Sunday, May 1, 2011


Education should be exercise; it has become massage.  ~Martin H. Fischer

School work should be just as challenging to the student in your class at the lowest level as it is to the student at the highest level.  We don't build muscle unless we push our self and exercise just as we won't build knowledge if we don't push our self to learn something new.  As teachers, it is our job to make sure this is happening for all students.  When I first starting teaching a lot of my professional development was focused around differentiation.  I have learned many strategies for AIG students and many strategies for EC students.  I have adapted them to use in my own class with a range of AIG students to EC students and everything in between. Two books that I have found very helpful are:

Both of these books are written by Susan Winebrenner.
Here are some resources that I have created for use in my classroom using strategies from Winebrenner's books and the various professional development opportunities I have had.  I'm only posting a few now with more to come at a later date.

Helpful Reading and Resources for Parents and Students - Posted this on my class website with resources to parents with kids at all different levels.
Study Buddy - Information for students to help provide support to one another
Problem Solver's Helper Guide - Use this with struggling math students to make sure they are following all the steps.
Factors and Arrays Quiz / Factors and Arrays Modified Quiz - These are examples of 2 quizzes I made.  I included the example that most of the class received and then the copy that the struggling math students received.  Both quizzes asses the same content.
Folder Math - I had a binder with extra practice or enrichment for students to work on if they finished their assigned cw.  They got to pick their own assignments; however, sometimes I had to guide them to make sure they chose appropriate choices.
Independent Reading Project (IRP) - This is an example of leveled assignments.  Not only were the assignments leveled (A,B,C) but students were also reading independent books that were specific to their interests and reading level.

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