Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for You

Today I had the students write about something they are thankful for and why.  During share time, I normally randomly choose 5 students and then let 2 other students volunteer.  Unfortunately, one boy did not get to share his writing so of course he HAD to show me right then.  (This is what's wrong with our transitions!).  I was kind of short with him and then I read what he wrote.  He was thankful for! (I'll post his work when I get a chance.) I tend to get the cards on my birthday and Christmas and Teacher's Appreciation day.  I get the cards when I've given them a guilt trip about their poor choices.  But it was just a nice to be included among the stories of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc.  It got me thinking.  How often do I tell my students that I'm thankful for them?  Now warning...I'm not a poet or a writer, but I wrote a poem to share with my students tomorrow telling them that I am thankful for them as well.  Even through all the hard moments they really do give me a lot.  They are the reason I teach!

Thankful for You

In case I don’t tell you enough
I am thankful for you.

I am thankful that you make me laugh
and thankful that you care
I am thankful that you try your best
and thankful that you’re fair.

I am thankful when you drive me crazy.
I am thankful when you share your woes.
I am thankful when you share your stories.
I am thankful when you don’t step on my toes.

I am thankful for your watchful eyes,
listening ears,
still hands,
and open minds.

I am thankful for your deep thoughts,
crazy comments,
silly dances,
and loving hugs.

You are my kids, my school family,
and I am thankful for you.


Anonymous said...

very nice! Happy Thanksgiving!

oh' boy said...

great job!!! thanks for linking up and have a FANTABULOUS THANKSGIVING!!!