Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just Checking In...

Our day is arranged to have the final 45 minutes of the day as an "Enrichment" block.  About every 6 days, the students have an extra specials period but during the other days I work to try and work on an art integrated project. During our unit on fractions, we researched and investigated the work of artist Piet Mondrian.  These are the students' finished original works of art.

During another enrichment block, students worked on completed multiplication clocks.  Students practiced their facts by skip counting by each number coming out of the "clock."  Then they got to add their own pizazz.  This was a Pinterest find! Check it out!!
These class rules and consequences were created from Teaching Children to Care.  It was summer read for my school one year and while no one wants a summer read, I did get good information and ideas from it.  It is part of the Responsive Classroom series.  It also limits the numbers of rules and consequences.  These are logical consequences and I work from.  It is only when these are not working that I move to the clip chart.
Class Rules - Respect and care for... Yourself.  Others.  The School.
Consequences - If you broke it, you fix it.  If you are not responsible, you lose a privilege.  Take a break - cannot participate.
This is my classroom clip chart.  I used the consequences developed by the our PBIS team and some of the language that I have used in the past with Responsive Classroom.  Each student has a clothespin with their number (no names or even initials are used).  Students begin each day on green with the opportunity to move up to blue or down to the other colors.  For the most part, students are not able to move back up.  I feel that once you make a poor choice, you cannot erase it but stop it from spiraling.  However, I have found that certain students require the opportunity to move back up and this is written in their behavior plan.
Blue - Great choices and really being a team player!! 
Green - You are making good choices today.  Keep being respectful.  
Yellow - You made a poor choice.  Think about your actions and make better choices.  
Orange - You are making poor choices.  Stop and think about your behavior.  Fill out a Think Sheet.  
Red - You are continuing to make poor choices.  Take home your Think Sheet and bring back signed.

Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting Poster
Greeting --> Share --> Game --> Announcements
1. Come to meeting with empty hands.
2. Sit with your legs crossed and your hands in your lap.
3. Listen to the person who is talking.
4. Raise your hand when you want to talk.
*When I remake the chart, I will change Game to Activity.  Some students think this has to be a game-game, instead of an academic cooperative activity.  I've done everything from clapping games, rhyming games and multiplication games, to four corners and Heads Up Seven Up.

This is the fabulous Extensions chart that my AIG teacher created for my students.  The green squares are reading activities and the orange are math.  All the activities are laminated and Velcroed to the board.  Students can take off the assignment to complete it and then return it.  The Velcro also allows the teacher to change out the assignments to change throughout the year to match the current units and interests of the students.

UPDATE (3/12/2015) - I do not have any of the activities that were on this chart since I have switched schools.  Unfortunately I did not think to take a closer picture.  I am however including a link to the pin where I originally got this idea.  It is a little more zoomed in.  I am also including a link to some of the cards on my new choice technology board.  You could also Google "Cranium Club." This is another take on choice/extension activities and most teacher pages have LOTS of ideas of topics...everything from memorize all the Presidents to create a PPT.
If you have some choice/extension ideas, share them below for others to use!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

100th Day Update

Earlier this year I posted about a great opportunity to participate in the Hundredth Day Hunger Challenge.  Our's went great!  My class raised 120 cans to put towards our school total of 2,100+ cans.  On the 100th day of school we had a school assembly in front of all the bar graphs.  The local newspaper came and so did the school district's tv station.  It was a great event.  The 3rd grade added to the event with a huge poster of 100 difference equations that equal 100.  We are looking for a way to still include them int the 100th day celebration but do something different than they had done in previous years (hats, glasses, 100 beans/noodles/etc).  They really enjoyed it and it was a great review back to algebra which was a our previous unit.

A friend in Charlotte sent me Flat Stanley from her 1st grade class.  He went to our 100th Day Celebration with us!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reading Stamina - Survey

I started out this year with a focus on building my students' reading stamina.  However, I'm not sure if it is working.  One of my friends is focusing on reading stamina for one of her graduate school research papers.  If you can take a few minutes and complete her survey, that would be great.  They best way for us to help kids is for us to help each other.

Thanks for your help in blogger land!