Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mr. Popper's Penguins

The school I work at participates in a great program called One School, One Book.  The goal is to promote literacy and strengthen the home/school connection.  We ask that all families in the school read the same chapter together each night.  Then at school there is a trivia question the following day.  In my role as tech teacher this year, I got to be a part of the Related Arts team and help pump up the excitement over the program.

1. Kick Off Event
We put on a play for the school and introduced this year's book...Mr. Popper's Penguins!  (I'm the penguin - Captain Cook)  If you've never worn a costume like this before then you don't know what you're missing out on!  I've worn it several times since and the kids love it!...especially grades K and 1!

2. Will You Read to Me?
Around the school we posted posters to remind the students to ask their parents each night - "Will you read to me?"
3. Penguin Research
In my K and 1 classes we are completing research on penguins during their related arts time.
In Kindergarten, I read an informational book and we fill out a SmartBoard file on penguins - what they look like, what they eat, and where they live.  Then as students explore the site of resources and books that I gathered, they can come up and tell me more facts to add to our chart.  I then print this off and send it back with them to class.
In 1st grade, I read an informational book to them and then show them the page of resources and the books from the library.  Sometime throughout class they must fill out at least 1 sticky note with a fact they learn about penguins and add it to their class' penguin web.  Many students filled out more than 1.

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Michelle said...

Such a cool idea. I love the costume!!! You rock as a teacher :)