Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Ctrl + F

Looking for something on a webpage or in a document? Did you know when you press Ctrl and F at the same time you can Find a word or phrase on a page?  Ctrl + F brings up a dialogue box to enter the word you are looking for, type in the word, then just click Find.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Numbers - Web Resource

This year my school transitioned to mobile devices in the classrooms instead of desktops.  This means a transition in the websites and resources that we use in the classrooms.  One resource I recently stumbled upon is Happy Numbers and it is compatible with all devices - iPads, Chromebooks, PCs, Androids, etc.
Happy Numbers focuses on K-2 Numeracy.  It includes topics from numeration to 3-digit subtraction. It can be used for free with a teacher account as an interactive whiteboard resource.  AND until October 1 the premium account is only $39 (its goes up to $59).  With the premium account teachers can create individual log ons for an unlimited number of students.
I really like the games and activities because they are self-explanatory and if a student clicks on the words then the website will read them aloud.  Check it out today!