Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hour of Code and CS Ed Week at SCES

I don't wait until December to start getting the students engaged in coding and computer science but I do hit it hard for a week.  Here is what our week is looking like:

Monday - Code A Thon

During the related arts block for each grade, all the students in the grade came to the gym for coding.  I have 3 iPad carts (grades K-2) and 2 Chromebook carts (grades 3-5) ready to go.  The carts were spread out around the room with student log-in cards already separated out 2 classes per cart.  I introduced Hour of Code, showed the Code.org Kickoff video, and explained student choices for the day.  Students were then able to get into partners or small groups (3 students max), pick up a device, and CODE!

Kindergarten - Box Island App on iPads - I already introduced this app to students last week.
1st Grade - Several choices in a Coding folder on iPads - Box Island, The Foos, Daisy the Dinosaur, Scratch, Jr
2nd Grade - Coding apps on iPads or students could scan a QR code which took them directly to Code.org's Code Studio for their Minecraft, Star Wars, or Flappy Code Tutorials
3rd Grade - Choice of sites on my 3rd Grade Teacher Class Page
4th Grade - Choice of sites on my 4th Grade Teacher Class Page
5th Grade - Choices of sites on my 5th Grade Teacher Class Page

Monday-Friday Mornings - Open Coding Time in Computer Lab

Each day of the week is assigned to a specific grade level.  Students must check in with their teacher, drop off their book bag, and then come to my computer lab to code.  I already have Code.org pulled up on the computers and I have the iPad cart ready for students who want to work on apps.  These mornings are for students who are already excited about coding, to encourage it further.  Unfortunately I do have to cap it off when my lab is full and I've had some upset students - but that's better than an empty lab!

Friday - Computer Science Speakers and Code A Thon Part II

For the past few years we have brought in speakers for the last day of CS Ed Week.  This year unfortunately I could not rally as many as I have in the have so we will have speakers for grades 2-5 and we will have Code A Thon Part II with K and 1.  I'm so grateful for the speakers who agreed to come share their careers and passions.  Some are parents of students at my school and others are my friends who express an interest in what I do.  I remember to call on this when CS Ed Week comes around :-)
The students all file into the gym where I have a SmartBoard hooked up and the speakers share about what they do and how they got to where they are.  We have had speaker bring all computer parts to pass around, others write a short program/game just for that group of kids, speakers share about the connection between ELA and programming languages, and more.  It is never too early to inspire students!

How are you celebrating CS Ed Week?