Thursday, April 28, 2011

NC Novels

This year I have discovered several great novels that connect to our state study of North Carolina.  The students have really enjoyed all the connections they can make between the books, to our field trips, and to what they have learned in our interactive SS textbook.  For the past three days of reading Storm Warriors we have been making connections to the characters in Littlejim.  One of the students has been out and after we gave a summary of what had happened he said, "That reminds me of the dad in Littlejim."  We all got a laugh since we all thought the same thing.

Since I haven't been able to find a good comprehensive list online I thought I would start to create one. Hopefully you can add these books to your curriculum as well.  It helps bring the SS textbook alive and provides a deeper look at the regions and history of our state. Let me know if you have other great books to add to the list.

Littlejim by: Gloria Houston

My Great Aunt Arizona by: Gloria Houston (not a novel but a great connection to Littlejim -- same family tree!)

Emma and the Civil Warrior by: Candy Dahl

Storm Warriors by: Elisa Carbone

Taffy of Torpedo Junction by: Nell Wise Wettcher

Rescue on the Outer Banks by: Candice F. Ransom (great for struggling readers)
The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk by: Donald Sobol

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