Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Diorama Foldable

One of my friends is already back at school and was searching desperately to remember how to make this great Foldable to set up centers.  She makes it out of poster board and then uses magnet or velcro pieces to change the title, pockets, directions, etc out when the center changes.  She leaves it so it can be folded and stored.  Students can easily move it around the room or bring it to their desk/table.  Since it took quite some time searching online and many crumbled/folded sheets of paper to figure it out, I figured I would post it for the rest of you see.  It could also have great uses for student projects.


Directions (a little easier to read):
1. Make a four-door book out of a shutter fold.
2. Fold the two inside corners back to the outer edges (mountains) of the shutter fold. This will result in two tacos that will make the four-door book look like it has a shirt collar. Do the same thing to the bottom of the four-door book. When finished, four small triangular tacos have been made.
3. Form a 90-degree angle and overlap the folded triangles to make a display case that doesn’t use staples or glue. (It can be collapsed for storage.)
4. Or, as illustrated, cut off all four triangles, or tacos. Staple or glue the sides.

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