Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Administration

I think the administration really sets the tone for the school.  If my hard work goes unnoticed and unappreciated then I am less likely to put my all in.  Luckily I have never been in the situation.  Today we got a great email from our admin team.  It made me happy that not only do they appreciate our hard work and dedication but also know that it is important for teachers to maintain their mental health as well :)  I have to go in for a little while today but I feel rested and ready to tackle our first full week!

Here's the email we got today....

"Teachers and Staff,
We, as Administrators, congratulate you on your First TWO successful days at ********** Visual and Performing Arts School.  We saw teachers with smiles on their faces and anxious to greet their students and parents. Classrooms were brightly and cheerfully decorated. Eager students were all enthusiastic and anxious to return to school. We observed an environment for learning that you created by establishing a culture of consistency. Students were all practicing classroom and school-wide procedures and routines. It appeared that you were enjoying this 'dress rehearsal' as much as they were!
Throughout all the planning and preparation that you have done and continue to do ... please remember to take care of yourself.
From your staff of administrators who value and appreciate you."

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kvh(d) said...

Megan, that email did it for me too! I promptly read it and went and finished the last of my planning for the week.

I too have been blessed with caring administrators so far. I feel so lucky!