Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet the Teacher/Open House

Even though school is still a few weeks away for me, I thought I would share some ideas I have for my Meet the Teacher night. I am linking up to Meet the Teacher Night Linky Party at I Heart Teaching. 

  1. I create contact magnets for all the families.  These are just like business cards with my name, phone number and ext, email address, and class website.  I also put a magnet (love my roll of magnet tape!!) on the back so families can keep it on hand all school year.

  2. This year I ran across some really cute bookmarks that I might make my own.  They say: "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." If I don't include these at Open House then I hope to have them for curriculum night.

  3. For Open House, I also like the students to have a chance to explore the class.  This year I might have a scavenger hunt or have some sort of estimate jar contest.  I like the idea of bringing the parents into both activities so they begin the year involved in their child's class.


Marlene said...

Thanks for linking up! I love the bookmark and scavenger hunt ideas!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of making magnets for easy contact info! I think I'm going to have to use that one! :-)

EFranklin said...

I loved your bookmark idea so much that I decided to make my own! Feel free to use them, too!


Megan said...

Thanks for sharing your bookmarks. So cute! I can't wait to use them.

Ms. Preppy said...

Oooh, I just found your blog! I love the bookmarks!!

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