Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Do List...update 8/19

Since my school is brand new they closed down the school this week to finish it up and re wax the hallways.  Of course this is when I was gearing up to go back in.  Oh well.  It has given me time to work on my to do list.

1. Laminate all the new things I have found online this summer - genre signs, student jobs, calendar, etc.  (It would be nice to actually have a laminator at school!)

2. Hang everything up.  The past few years I have been lucky enough to have walls that could all be stapled directly into.  Tomorrow I get to start trying to hang signs and posters on cinder block.  I'm sure I'll come back in on Thursday and find everything laying on the ground.
     Genre posters (from Beth Newingham)....check
     Word Wall letters....check
     Multiplication poster and Arithmetic poem....check
     Fabulous Work Bulletin board outside my door....check 

3. Send out welcome letters.  I should get my class roster (or rooster as the typo said in the email to teachers said) tomorrow.  Once I get the student information I'm going to address envelopes and send home a letter from the teacher.  I've never worked in a school with a large Hispanic population so I'm also faced with the new challenge of translating the letter.  I've used an online translator suggested by our Spanish teacher but I'm scared it will be too literal (too many nightmares from high school French and online translations).
     Welcome letter written and translated...check
     Letters copied, envelopes addressed, letters mailed...check 

4. Personalize the room.  Names on door and cubbies.

5. Textbooks - number and assign.  First year using textbooks so I'll have to figure out a good system.  Any ideas?
     Textbooks labeled with room # and #1-20...check

6. Meet the important people around the school.  I want to meet the cafeteria team, the after school teachers, the front office staff, etc.  I want to find out how they want things run.  If I make their life a little easier then they're more apt to help me out as well :)
     After school teacher....check
     Front office staff .... check 

7. First week planning!  Once the room is settled, I will actually have to teach the kids :)
     Began unpacking the standards with my PLC....check

...I'm sure I'm leaving a ton of little things off....Focus wall for Reading Street, leveling new books, finding leveled readers and teacher's guide that go with my Reading Street set...
     Don't have to do a Focus Wall :) ...check


The list goes on.

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kvh(d) said...

It will all get done.

On a side note, for textbooks: I assign my kids numbers (in ABC order) and then they receive allllll numbered materials with that number in them. Kid #6 gets math book 6, reading book 6, etc.

My kids also line up in ABC order to go places (with Star of the Week first in line). That may been too much for you, I'm not sure.