Monday, August 29, 2011

A View of the Inside

FINALLY....I have pictures of my class! I hope you enjoy my unorganized photo tour.

Bulletin board outside my classroom.  "Look at our FABULOUS work!"  There is yarn with clothes pins going across the board to easily hang work.
This is my FACE of a Reader cabinet.  This cabinet faces my guided reading table so it is easy to refer to during small group work. 

This bulletin board houses my OWL of the Week area, classroom jobs, and Box Tops for Education collection envelope.

Turn in bins.  The top bin is "Notes for Teacher" and then there are bins 1-5 and I just have students use them in order.  I found it too difficult to have only 1 for LA, 1 for Math, etc.  Then at the bottom students can find the notebook paper and graph paper (currently there is none because there is no paper for the copier). At the top is the reminder to turn in assignments that are "Hand In Ready."

I'm always asking the students to explain "Why?" and these signs remind them to go ahead and answer that questions by explaining their answers with "...because..."

Morning Meeting poster that I LOVE!  I got this idea from a friend last year.  The clouds have the 4 parts of Morning Meeting -- Greeting, Share, Game (should be changed to Activity), and Announcements.  Then the poster gives 4 expectations: 1. Come to meeting with empty hands. 2. Sit with your legs crossed and your hands in your lap. 3. Listen to the person who is talking. 4. Raise your hand when you want to talk.

My new thing...posting learning targets.  Here are my student "I can" statements and my daily schedule.  We got LOTS of pocket charts :)

Have to love Beth Newingham's genre posters!  I will post the different Read Aloud books that we read under the appropriate genre poster.
Future Word Wall - in the library corner

Part of the library corner.  The bins are only partly labeled due to lack of ink in my printer. Blah!

Great shelves to display books.

Other side of my library area.  New rug.  Bench made from self and 3 milk crates.  Butterfly chair from my childhood room.

Bright Links interactive projector.  It projects directly on the white board!

Small group work table, plant grow light for our first science unit, director's chair, and tons of cubbie space with BEAUTIFULLY made curtains.

Current table arrangement.  The students stay at these two long tables and then move to the small group work table if they need to separate themselves from the group.

CRAFT PROJECT...I made about 4 paper bag owls to decorate my door. "Whooooo's in Ms. M's class?"

Rug...numbers and colors in English and Spanish.  This is the area for morning meeting (students sit in a circle) and minilessons (students sit in rows/group).

Teacher Space..all mine!  No students allowed back here.


Jill M said...

Your stuff is so cute and organized (love!). Where are you at now? The space/storage in your room is amazing! ha

Megan said...

Thanks :) The storage is great!! It minimizes wall space though which is a downside. I'm at a brand new arts magnet in Durham. Great facility!!

Kara said...

I have an owl theme too and I also did Look Whooo's in 2nd Grade on my door. I used different scrap book paper to make the owls and created a tree with branches for the owls to sit on! Wish I could attach a picture for you!

Mrs. Polizotto said...

Where did you get the rug?? I teach art in a cement floor room and that would look great!

Megan said...

We were lucky enough to get rugs for our classroom from the school. I don't know where its from. Sorry :(