Sunday, September 11, 2011

Math Project - Envision Topic 1

We gave our first unit test on Friday and I have to say that my kids did pretty well.  And the ones that didn't....well I had an idea that they wouldn't.  The one thing that all kids did struggle with was reading and following the directions so I know to work on that for next time.
Next week is going to be review week.  On Monday, I'm working with another teacher to split our classes to reteach and enrich before our district assessment on Tuesday.  We'll also have to go over how to bubble in answers since they will have one of their first experiences on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday and Thursday we will also split our classes to reteach and enrich based on the scores from the district assessment.  For this unit, I will be working with the enrichment group.  On Monday we'll be working with BIG numbers.  On Wednesday, we are going to complete the Envision Topic 1 Project.  Then, on Thursday we'll explore the problem solving strategy of making an organized list.  For the Topic 1 Project, I typed up the directions and then tried summarizing information from several Wikipedia sites.  It was a task but I know I'll use it again.  I have pasted the link below so you can benefit from my weekend of hard work :)

Envision Topic 1 Project - Research a tall structure and present the structure along with number facts and a drawing of the structure.

And...just for you.  On Friday, we'll be giving the Addition Pretest.  I could not...for the life of me...find one I liked online.  So I took a couple okay ones and put them together.  My addition pretest for third grade is found below....

Addition PreTest

Have a great week!!!

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