Saturday, October 8, 2011

Feliz Complaneos

Sometimes kids forget to tell teachers how much they mean to them.  However, when birthdays come around we are showered with cards, gifts, flowers, and candy.  My birthday was a couple weeks ago but I wanted to share the love that they gave me.

I made Owl cupcakes for my kids.  Vanilla cupcakes and chocolate frosting.  You add 2 halves of an oreos - the sides with the creme and then Reese's Pieces for the eyes and noses.  The kids told me they were the BEST cupcakes that they've ever had.  I think it was just cause they looked pretty :)

Presents for the fabulous teacher!  Chocolates, teddy bears, lotions, soaps, and a few beautiful roses :) The best are the many notes/cards I got from my thirdgraders.
"Dear Ms. M, you'll never know how much I [heart] you! Happy Birthday Ms. M! I glad to have you as a teacher!"
This student wrote this little note, then folded it in half and stuck it in my sweater pocket.  My kids decided to shower me with gifts and misbehavior for my birthday so I just kept pulling out the note and it brought a smile to my face :) At one point in the day I even moved all kids back to green because I said that I was just going to pretend everyone was making good choices for my birthday.

Birthdays are not only special for teachers but students as well.  A week after my bday was one of my sweet ESL girls.  Her dad was supposed to come at lunch and bring cupcakes but he never came.  You could tell she was disappointed.  He made it by recess and it was raining so we were all in the classroom.  She gave him a big hug and he left us with a cupcake cake - pretty cool.  Before we passed them out, the class sang Happy Birthday and she started crying.  Uh oh, what did I do wrong? My poor little shy girl was crying.....crying tears of joy :) She said she was soo happy.  The class showered her with hugs and Happy Birthday wishes.  My students really have big hearts :)

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