Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grant for My School - Vote for Us!!

Vote for the grant so my school can get some much needed PE equipment!!! You have to register to vote online but you can also text - its a lot easier. Text clorox5594 to 44144.
Program Detail:
Sandy Ridge opened in August 2011 as a visual and performing arts elementary school in Durham, North Carolina. We have approximately 600 students in Pre-K through 5th grade. Sandy Ridge elementary school provides strong instruction in the core curriculum, but with a focus on the visual and performing arts. The Physical Education program utilizes the SPARK curriculum which is designed to involve all children, be more active, incorporate social skills, and emphasizes both health-related fitness and skill development. As a new school, we have very little Physical Education equipment and no available funds for staff wellness activities. This grant will allow us to build our equipment inventory as well as providing additional wellness programs for our students and faculty.
How this Grant will Help:
This grant would provide Physical Education equipment, a fitness course for our nature trail, and employee wellness activities. The Physical Education equipment will be used by students of all ages at Sandy Ridge Elementary. Students and faculty could access the fitness course at recess and during Physical Education classes. Equipment would be selected based on the developmental needs of various age groups. Employee wellness activities would include personal training, nutrition education, activity classes, and health screenings. Having this equipment would encourage enthusiasm for participation in activities leading to the improvement of the health and physical well- being of our students and faculty.

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