Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What to do during AIG pull out??

For the past 4 years I have worked with both AIG and EC inclusion.  I did work closely with an EC teacher to work on collaborative co-teaching during the inclusion time.  However, I was AIG certified and did not work with a solely AIG teacher to help provide differentiation and enrichment for the upper tier.  Now that I do (and its great), I have to figure out what to do with the other part of the class during pull out for AIG Critical Thinking Skills.  The first week, we had a mystery reader.  It was a parent who came in and she had a great reading lesson that really included the students in the reading (I think I might even copy her strategy.)  This past week, we did an art project.  As an arts based magnet school, I am supposed to be integrating art into all instruction with a specific focus during our last 45 minute block of the day - enrichment.  It is during this time on Fridays that the AIG group (plus some other high students) is pulled.
  • My group started with a read aloud of Tomasso and the Missing Line.  
  • Then we brainstormed all the different kinds of line someone can draw.  The kids came up with zip-zag, straight, curved, diagonal, intersecting, angled, wavy, dark, light, etc.  
  • Then, after passing out a handout on lines, students were able to make any type of art with lines - and lines only.  Some students when straight to a house or landscape art.  I began mine on the board and a few students began to see that they could make "designs" of lines into a work of art.  
  • Here are some of the great products (not completely finished but you get the idea)...

If I could do the lesson again, I would also introduce the students to some well known art that uses great and obvious examples of various lines.  Maybe my artist friends and help me know where to start?

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