Thursday, November 17, 2011

Xtra Math

When I taught 5th grade I wanted to know why my students weren't fluent with their multiplication facts, when I taught 4th grade I wanted to know my students weren't fluent with their multiplication facts, and now that I teach 3rd grade...I see why.  Where is the time??  Not only do I have to ensure fluency of the newly exposed multiplication facts but I have to go back and teach them their addition facts.  The students can't figure out 8 x 2 because most of them don't even know 8 + 8.  A couple weeks back I read a post on Kleinspiration about this free online resource - Xtra Math.  I decided to give it a try.  I set up my class. Logged onto Xtra math on my classroom computers.  Showed my students the already created how-to video and then they got rolling.  They LOVE it!!  First they take a placement test, then they practice, practice, practice and repeat.  When the program determines they have mastered the facts, they move onto more challenging facts or the next operation - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Students are all moving forward at their own pace...differentiation!! All my students don't get to it everyday.  Sometimes it is just 1 or 2 students during the morning or as an anchor activity in math.  But, they are starting to sign up at home which is doubling this practice time - just 3-5 minutes per session. When a students finishes in the class they are to go and tap the next student on the list....I have to pull students from getting on when I'm teaching.  "But my name is on the computer" they argue.  I guess that is one thing I don't mind arguing over...
..more time practicing math :)

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kvh(d) said...

omg. I heart XtraMath and I'm so excited you shared it with our team.

By the way... don't you know that the computer telling them that they are next is WAY more important than your teaching?? Duh.