Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Author's Purpose PIEs - Using 2 paper plates, we created Author's Purpose Pies.  Great idea from dandelions and dragonflies.  After creating the pie foldable, they had to sort the definition and example for P(persuade), I (inform), and E (entertain) under the correct flap. (available at dandelions and dragonflies page)

In third grade, we focus on communities.  We just finished our study of Japan.  We researched the geography and land.  We learned about the culture and festivals.  We painted cherry blossom tress and wrote haikus.  We had an art docent from a local art museum lead a lesson.  Chefs from a local Japanese steak house came.  They brought hats, chopsticks, fried rice, Japanese soda, little umbrellas - it was such a fun day!! We read lots of books - some about heroes (Manjiro and the samurai), about the past between the US and Japan (A Place Where Sunflowers Grow; Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes) and just about the culture and traditions.


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enjoy your break and stop thinking about the kids. love, your teammate.

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Great Ideas, glad I found your blog!!