Sunday, February 19, 2012

100th Day Update

Earlier this year I posted about a great opportunity to participate in the Hundredth Day Hunger Challenge.  Our's went great!  My class raised 120 cans to put towards our school total of 2,100+ cans.  On the 100th day of school we had a school assembly in front of all the bar graphs.  The local newspaper came and so did the school district's tv station.  It was a great event.  The 3rd grade added to the event with a huge poster of 100 difference equations that equal 100.  We are looking for a way to still include them int the 100th day celebration but do something different than they had done in previous years (hats, glasses, 100 beans/noodles/etc).  They really enjoyed it and it was a great review back to algebra which was a our previous unit.

A friend in Charlotte sent me Flat Stanley from her 1st grade class.  He went to our 100th Day Celebration with us!

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