Saturday, April 14, 2012

Testing Superheros

Last testing seasons I posted about EOG Superheroes that my students create to get them pumped up for using all their powers/strategies that they have learned throughout the year.  This year I am amping it up!  Here is what testing season has in store:

1. Bulletin Board
Blue sky, green grass, white cloud, yellow sun, and superhero quotes.  I've taken a collection of quotes from different superheroes and changed them to fit the EOG (NC State Testing) and testing in general.  We are also going to use the quotes for students to act out during Morning Meeting. You can get your own copy below.

2. Power Goals
The students will be taking several practice reading and math EOG tests before May.  As the students take the tests, they meet with me to review the test and set goal areas and a target score.  The focus here is on growth and making sure the students are using all the powers/strategies that they can.

3. Power Buckets
North Carolina has 5 standards for math - Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Probability, and Algebra.  Each standard will have its own review bucket - "Power Bucket."  Students will rotate through these buckets each week completing task cards, games, and practice sheets.  And let me tell you about task cards if you don't know - FABULOUS.  They are just questions cut apart and the kids think its fun and their goal to get them all done.  I don't even feel bad about fooling them :)

4. Teacher Dress Up
If the students make their growth goals, the teachers will dress up as EOG Superheroes.  My outfit is in the brainstorming stage.  I'm thinking a giant calculator on my chest, a SQRRR tattoo, a bag with a complete breakfast, etc.  Stay tuned for pictures. They should be great!!

5. Student Created Superheroes
Now students will get to draw and create their own superheroes.  Students will have the choice to free draw their characters or use free clipart that I found online.  They will to label all their super powers.  Check out last year's post

EOG Superhero Quotes (pdf)

EOG Power Bucket Labels - Math (pdf)

EOG Power Bucket Labels - Reading/Genres (pdf)

EOG Superhero Goal Setting (pdf)

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Anonymous said...

I love all of your ideas... EOG's are probably pretty scary for third graders since this is the first year they take them! Your "Teacher Dress Up" incentive is awesome! I like that it doesn't cost you a lot of money and the kids will think it is hilarious!