Thursday, May 24, 2012

I know what you did last night....

So there is a young girl in my class whose father passed away a couple years ago.  She used to mention her mom's friend but now this friend has a new title - mom's "special friend."  Well I knew exactly what she meant so I never asked further.  However, it came up again today at lunch.  I decided to joke around with her and asked what a "special friend" was.  She said that for a girl its a boy and for a boy it would be a girl.  "And guess what?!" she says.  Then, referring to the student sitting next to her, she says that this girl's dad has both a wife and a special friend.


I had just seen the above post on Pinterest but I just couldn't stop it.  I tried my best to defend this dad. I don't even really like him.  She has written poems of the pain he caused her when he left and got a new family.  She gets so excited when she actually gets to visit him.  Last time she visited him, he left her with a friend who was a teacher (she shared this to the class as well).  Little did I know at the time that this friend was more than just a babysitter.  Nevertheless, I tried to defend him anyways.

"Well I'm sure they are just friends..I have lots of friends."
"Nope, she had pictures of the two of them at the lake and the beach that his wife didn't know he went to."
"Well.... (here is me stumbling for words) I do lots of different things with my friends."
"No.  She was his special friend.  I asked him if [his wife] knew about her and he said...NO and don't tell her."

So what is the lesson?
Don't have both a wife and a special friend....and don't tell your daughter!  Her classmates and teachers will find out even if your wife doesn't!


Heather said...

Omg!!!! I have to tell my coworker about this!!!! :)


Mrs. Karod said...

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