Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Story Buddy App

This summer I am working with the Lunch and Learn summer school program at my school.  With the K-1 class, I am using an iPad app called Story Buddy.  In class they read Nate the Great and the Monster Mess. Then, students wrote a story and drew a picture about their own monster. I then got to pull small groups of 5 to have them type and illustrate their stories on the iPad. They loved this part. I heard... "I love writing." "I love typing." "Writing on the iPad is so fun."

I had students first type their story into the app. They included a title page and then they typed one sentence per page. Then they got to go back in and add illustrations to each page.  The app also has the option to insert pictures from the Camera Roll so students could have saved pictures from internet research or taken their own with the camera. After I print out their stories then they will be able to staple them together and take the stories home to share with their parents.

Check them out hard at work....

Here are a couple finished works of art...

My Munster (love their spelling/typing)

*Since the school iPads aren't hooked up to print, I saved them as a PDF and opened in my Evernote account to print from the computer.  From Evernote I also have the option to email the stories straight to their parents.

While they really enjoyed using the iPads, the monster cookies that they also made were a huge success :-)
Pre-Icing Cookies.
Our fabulous chef in the kitchen baked them for us!

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