Thursday, October 2, 2014

Selfies - Beg of Year Project

At the beginning of the year I try to create a project that has a similar theme but can be differentiated across several different grades. This year? Selfies
This year Merriam-Webster (along with others) added Selfie to the dictionary.  Through this project students not only expressed themselves creatively but also navigated through the folders on our network - a big skill that students often forget over the summer (ISTE Standards for Students 1 and 6).

1st Grade - Created self portraits using Microsoft Paint.  This was a review of tools and toolbars that students used last year.

2nd Grade - Used the Pop Art Maker on Big Huge Labs to create a Warhol-inspired selfie masterpiece Student Directions

4th and 5th Grade - Used Tagxedo to create a word cloud selfie that describe them Student Directions

Self-portrait in Microsoft Paint
Warhol-inspired selfie masterpiece
Word cloud selfie in Tagxedo

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