Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tech Tip Tuesday - Cut, Copy, Paste

Last week I shared the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to help find a word or phrase in a document.  There are other shortcuts that use the Ctrl key also.

These are 3 shortcuts that I use the most often when editing my writing, creating student activities, moving information from an email to website (codes, URLs, etc), and much more.  For each one, highlight the text and then hold down the Ctrl key on the right or left side of your keyboard while you press the corresponding key.

Ctrl + X à This cuts something to paste later.  This means it will disappear from the original source until you paste it elsewhere.
Ctrl + C à This copies something to paste later.  This means it stays in the current place but lets you paste the identical thing elsewhere.

Ctrl + V à This pastes the last thing that you cut or copied to the clipboard.

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