Monday, March 23, 2015


Are you looking to create an interactive review?

I have used Kahoot with grades 1-5 during my technology class. I've simply used it to make worksheets/assessments interactive. (In my current role I don't need written assessments for every child so this works great.)  It is a great online tool to engage students in an interactive learning or review game. Several teachers at my school are already using Kahoot from time to time either with students working together in small groups to answer the questions or students answering independently. After playing a Kahoot the students not only want to play another one - they often want to play the exact same one again!  How powerful that is for students not to mind to continue practicing the same questions!
Some things to know...
  • The teacher is the “game show host” and leads the game each time. 
  • Each participant in the game needs a device (iPad, Chromebook, Computer,…anything with internet access like Kindle Fire, iPhone, etc) to access the game and play along. 
  • You can stop and discuss after each question since you will see how the class as a whole answered each question (great formative assessment!). 
  • You can also download individual student responses at the end if you want. 
I found a Kahoot Cheat Sheet online (from Moore County Schools...thank you!) and edited it to add some of my own notes.  It provides step-by-step instructions for creating and playing your first Kahoot.

Want to create your first Kahoot?

I've mainly taken the lesson activities from Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship's Scope and Sequence for my Kahoots.  I'm linking to them below...feel free to use them!


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