Freebie Printable Files

Co-Teaching Professional Unit - Unit on co-teaching in the inclusion classroom.  This would be a helpful unit for curriculum directors, EC facilitators, instructional facilitators, administrators, or simply special education and regular education teachers looking to grow into their co-teaching partnerships.

Willy Wonka Character Graphic Organizer - Have your students watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and observe what the "kid characters" say, do and feel.  Then they use points to decide on character traits for the characters.

Envision Topic 1 Project - Research a tall structure and present the structure along with number facts and a drawing of the structure.

Reminders for Good Spellers - Poster.  Use posted at Word Work center or have students store an individual copy in their Word Work Folder.

Book Bin Labels (PDF)  If you want an editable version, just leave a comment w/ your email address.

OWL of the Week Graphic Organizer (PDF) - When a student is OWL of the week, they will fill out the graphic organizer and it will be put into a page protector sleeve on the board.  They can also bring in pictures.

Hula Hoop Contractions - whole class game or center activity

Resources for Creative Scrapbooking...

Resources for EOG Superheros...

 Resources for Differentiation:
Helpful Reading and Resources for Parents and Students - Posted this on my class website with resources to parents with kids at all different levels.
Study Buddy - Information for students to help provide support to one another
Problem Solver's Helper Guide - Use this with struggling math students to make sure they are following all the steps.
Factors and Arrays Quiz / Factors and Arrays Modified Quiz - These are examples of 2 quizzes I made.  I included the example that most of the class received and then the copy that the struggling math students received.  Both quizzes asses the same content.
Folder Math - I had a binder with extra practice or enrichment for students to work on if they finished their assigned cw.  They got to pick their own assignments; however, sometimes I had to guide them to make sure they chose appropriate choices.
Independent Reading Project (IRP) - This is an example of leveled assignments.  Not only were the assignments leveled (A,B,C) but students were also reading independent books that were specific to their interests and reading level.