Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally here...

So I wake up this morning like a 5 year old on Christmas Day.  It has been quite some time since I woke up before the dog begged to go out.  I took Bailey out and got ready for the day.  I loaded the car (it rained last night) with everything from the apt. that had to be moved to the new class.  Then I sat.  I was waiting for my friend with a larger the school wouldn't even be opened yet.  So I finished Daily 5 and watched some news.  Finally it was time to go see my new room.
I pull out of the parking lot and I don't even make it a block before I realize....I have a flat tire.  I pulled into the coffee place near me and proceeded to jump up in down and about kick the that was gonna fix it!  Luckily, a very nice guy set down his coffee and offered his help.  I was so greatful!!  However, that still meant it had to be can't really lug around a bunch of boxes back and forth on a mini-tire. So after shelling out way too much and waiting 1 hour 1/2, I had new balanced and rotated tires and I was ready to move in.
The building is gorgeous!  There are exposed pipes in the ceiling - red for hot water, blue for cold.  The ceiling of the media center has giant tinker toys and a huge skylight w/ remote control shade.  The floors have overlapping boxes of blue, yellow, and orange.  The classrooms all have a wall that is brightly painted one of the key colors and the cabinets are all purple or green.  I had new materials - textbooks (not sure how I feel about these!), 6 tables, a horseshoe table, TONS of math manipulatives, pocket charts, sentence strips, and things were still piling in!

Of course in public education there is a lot of paperwork so I began by signing in for the day and taking inventory of ALL the new materials - even trashcans!  Then the cars got unloaded and we headed back to the old school for 2 more trips. I need a beverage, Advil, and sleep! A "THANKS" goes out to the helpful trio who helped me move today!!  Now I'm just stuck with tons of overwhelming boxes.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll learn to purge!

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Ann Hoover said...

Your room looks so big and all those lovely manipulatives. I am very jealous. I miss teaching little people. Have fun. :)